Into Shadertoy and Shaders useful links and tips

Links and small descriptions to useful shader-related stuff.

Shadertoy is a great place to create and discover amazing shader-related projects.

— I highly recommend all materials and articles on this website, created by .
include very useful materials such as and , functions for analytic raycasting, , and many others worth checking.

— lots of useful tips and materials about Shadertoy and shaders, created by .
some basics and not very obvious tips, info about Shadertoy variables and resources format.
Shadertoy resources like images and others.
(Shadertoy audio texture )
and .

— Examples Gallery.
useful examples to create realistic motion. .

— 3D SDF library.

— list of all GLSL functions with description and limitations.

(Vulkan) — list of GLSL functions for Vulkan.

Shadertoy alternative and similar websites:

— WebGL particles shaders.

— WebGL and also allows uploading HTML and video content.

— WebGL fragment shaders.

and — allow you to create and share links to your single WebGL shader.

For more complex projects or or other similar services can be used, a service that allows uploading web projects, even github/gitlab pages that have a similar purpose. For the offline web-template look below.

Offline Shadertoy related applications:

For my offline shader development — text editor with shader-viewer/render is enough, complex software has way too many bugs to deal with.

— very minimal application to render shadertoy shaders, using C with Vulkan API. Support Linux and Windows.

— python script, rendering Shadertoy shaders to video frame by frame, using OpenGL. Support Linux and Windows.

For more complex projects — I recommend using 3D-engine with GUI Editor, I use . shows how to create Shadertoy logic in the Godot engine.

Web export templates:

—100 lines of code single HTML file include shaders. — with shaders in files and textures loading.

Particle shader with transform feedback, support vertexshaderart-like logic — - and .
For more complex projects I always use the Godot Web-export template.



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